Milkies Milk-Saver, Milk Collector for Breastmilk, Holds Over 2 Ounces of Leaking Milk, Silicone-Free

Product Description

The Original Milk Saver - Carefully Constructed in the U.S. with a Focus on Quality

  • HOLDS MORE THAN 2 OUNCES AT A TIME - Much More Than Most Breast Shells, Build Your Milk Stash Effortlessly Without Pumping
  • PATENTED, 2-IN-1 DESIGN ALSO ACTS AS NIPPLESHIELD - Keep Friction Off and Ventilation On Allowing Your Nipples to Heal
  • NO CHEMICAL LEACHING - Milkies Will Not Expose Your Baby to Phthalates, BPA, or Other Harmful Chemicals
  • SLIPS INTO YOUR BRA AND STAYS PUT - Discreet, No Need to Disrobe, and No Painful Suction Required
  • COMFORTABLE AND SECURE - Use the Included Top to Reduce Spills That Can Occur If You Forget You Are Wearing Milk-Saver
  • CONVENIENT STAND FOR HANDS FREE HELP WHEN FULL - The Included Carrying Case Doubles As a Stand for the Milk Saver
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA - Made of Clear, Food-Grade Plastic that Won't Leach Chemicals into Your Milk Supply
  • DEVELOPED BY NURSING MOMS FOR NURSING MOMS - Designed By a Busy E.R. Nurse to Capture Every Last Drop of Milk During Shifts
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - Put on the Top Rack of Dishwasher, Wash By Hand, or Boil (But Do Not Steam)

The Original Milk Catching Breast Shell

The Milkies Milk-Saver was first conceived back in 2007 when Helen Anderson was working as a nurse in a busy emergency room. She seldom had time to pump and needed to store enough breast milk to cover her 12-hour shifts. It pained her to see how much milk actually leaked into her pads or shirt and was ultimately wasted. Breast milk is a precious commodity and every drop can go towards a future feeding. With nothing else on the market to collect leaking milk, Helen created the Milk-Saver and the Milkies brand was born! Milk-Saver has received accolades from lactation specialists, pediatricians, and breastfeeding moms the world over.

How Milk-Saver Works

The patented and award-winning Milkies Milk-Saver has been a savior for thousands of busy, breastfeeding mothers. The Milk-Saver collects the milk that is leaked on your non-nursing side as your breast milk lets down. Once you've finished your breastfeeding session, simply transfer the collected milk into storage containers (check out the Milkies product line below in the chart) and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer to feed your baby at a later time. Continuing to wear the Milk-Saver while you are not nursing will catch additional leaks that can turn into valuable ounces plus prevent milk stains on your shirts!

Safety and Comfort - The TOP Design Goals

Milk-Saver is comfortable to wear, holds a little more than 2 ounces of breast milk, and includes a protective lid to prevent milk from spilling out of the Milk-Saver during normal use. And with its stylish, durable case, your Milk-Saver will stay safe and clean when you're on the go.

Like you, we care very much about the safety of the products we use while breastfeeding. With Milk-Saver you can be sure of zero chemical leaching and that it contains no BPA or phthalates. Be sure to check on any product that will come into contact with your breastmilk to ensure no chemical leaching. If not, you may be exposing your baby to harmful chemicals. Your baby's healthy development depends on it!

The Milkies Mission

Practical products designed by nursing moms for nursing moms is the Milkies mission. Be sure to look at the companion Milk-Saver On-the Go product as well as the Milkies line of breastfeeding nutritional supplements in the chart below!


Here are just a few snippets of reviews you can find in the review section!

....and in just 5 days I had collected two large ziplock bags full of one ounce cubes. I didn't pump at all and collected this much just from feeding normally.

This product is so worth the money!! Least of all, it saved me laundry....Most of all, I collected so much milk in the first 4 weeks without once hooking myself up to a breastpump...

Helps to save the about 3oz of letdown I have during nursing at the moment and fits easily inside my nursing bras.

This little gadget lets my relieve the pressure on the most engorged breast while nursing at the other so by the time baby gets to it the high pressure spraying first ounce is gone.

....has the most storage of the comparable milk catchers I saw which was a necessity for me!

This is SO worth the money!! It allows me to save milk and not have to pump to have a storage of milk. AND it decreases the amount of nursing/bra pads that I use per day!

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Oral supplement designed for nursing moms No No No
Made in the U.S.