Smily Mia Penguin Wearable Silicone Soothing Teether for Breast-Feeding Baby who Does not take Pacifiers/for 0-6 Sucking Needs Babies, Light Grey

Light Pink
Ligjt Grey

Product Description

For 0-4 months babies, through sucking, helps baby's mouth structure developed into a healthy U shape.

Model age 4 months, can hold it

Kelvin in above picture is 100days, can hold it, and can bring it to mouth to chew on!

0-4 month babies, most of the times, play toys while lying down or on belly, will drop toys easily, this wearable penguin will keep it on the baby's waist and keep it there for baby to suck.

For Sitters & Crawlers, helps with breast feeding into chewing

For sitters, works for breast feeding weaning

Acer in above pic who is 7 months 14 days, is using the penguin to learn to chew

For sittiers, most babies start to take bottles and teethers, the penguin helps with breast feeding weaning, and helps baby from sucking to chewing.