Wasp Traps Outdoor Hanging - Solar Powered Wasp Catcher, Waterproof Non-Toxic Effective and Reusable, Portable Waterproof Bee Trap for Catching Yellow Jackets, Bees, Wasps, 2 Pack (green & orange)

Color: green & orange

Start enjoying your time outdoors again with best wasp trap. Say goodbye to pesky mosquito's, wasps, and other insects.

Why choose the wasp catcher?

1. Wasp traps are made of durable plastic, small in size and light in weight, convenient to suspend and remove, can be used for many years.

2. Light-emitting diode lamp bead, soft light, attract wasps without dazzling.

3. Built-in solar panels, no need to load, just open, add water honey, then hang, all done. It turns on automatically at night and self-charges through the sun, energy-saving, and safe.

4. Waterproof IPX4 Bee trap is an ideal trap for outdoors, such as gardens, front porches, and camping, for removing fruit flies, insects, bees bumblebees and so on.

Product Features:

- Material: ABS (body) + PP (cap) + Stainless Steel (hanger)

- Dimensions: 8.07* 4.13* 5.11in

- Weight: 9.27oz

- Color: Orange transparent&Green transparent

Package Included:

1 *Orange trap, 1 *Green trap


1. Do not fill the bait to cross the water line on the bottle.

2. At the bottom of cap there is "ON/OFF" switch to OPEN light.

3. Try to place them in different positions at regular intervals to improve efficiency.

4. Do not shake or hit the device firmly when the device is moving to avoid loose internal parts.

5. After use, please clean it up for use next season.

6. Keep away from children and pets!

Insect attractant formula(not included):

1. Mix apple juice, white vinegar, and a few spoons of sugar.

2. Mix tablespoon jam, a dash of vinegar, and water.

3. Mix sugar, water, a 1/2 freshly squeezed orange, and beer for the potion.